Silginat® Strawberry


Silginat® Strawberry is a medium viscosity addition-curing impression material with alginate-like consistency. It has been specially developed for taking impressions of the opposing jaw, temporary crowns/bridges and fabricating splints. The use of an A-silicone for opposing jaw impressions as well as for precision impressions and bite registration leads to an optimal standardized interaction: the finished work offers a clearly better fit - there is no grinding in most cases. Silginat® Strawberry flows very easily and incorporates the combination of crisp detail and precision for optimal impressions, that can be kept for weeks and used again. Silginat® Strawberry is stable, has a low tear resistance and is easy to disinfect. The Plug & Press® System ensures clean and efficient work.

Not available in all markets.

Product benefits

  • Optimal elastic recovery: Elastic recovery of a modern A-silicone; the ideal complement to precision impression-taking.

  • High dimensional stability: The impression can be stored for several weeks; allows renewed, even multiple pouring, e.g. in the case of fracture or loss of temporary restorations.

  • High flowability: The material flows very easily and incorporates the combination of crisp detail and precision for optimal impressions.

  • Easy handling: The cartridge system ensures easy, clean and efficient impression taking. Dust and contamination, inaccurate or over dispensed mixing is eliminated from the dental office routine!

  • User and patient-friendly setting characteristics: Adequate working time, short intraoral setting time.

  • High thixotropy: No unwanted flowing of the material into the pharyngeal cavity; excellent flow properties under pressure.

  • Low tear resistance: Easy removal from the mouth, which prevents accidental loosening of prosthetic restorations or orthodontic appliances.

  • Disinfectable: Impressions can be easily disinfected, remain dimensionally stable and do not swell.

  • Impressions can be poured immediately: Silginat® Strawberry impression can be poured immediately following removal from the mouth. The impressions can also be poured several times.


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