Mixing / Dispensing / Application

Different mixing aids are required depending on the product and area of application - from application syringes to dynamic mixers. Our range includes all mixing, dispensing and application aids to guarantee easy, material-saving impression-taking for our customers.

Mixing and Dispensing Devices

Here you will find special impression material application products that are also part of our portfolio.

Applyfix® 8

Applyfix® 6



Application Syringe

Applyfix® 4

Application Syringe


Intraoral tips und Endo tips

To facilitate syringe applications in the patient's mouth, we carry an assortment of intraoral tips and endo tips as accessories that fit on our mixing tip.

Intraoral tips und Endo tips

Intraoral tips and Endo tips

Dynamic/static mixers

Please choose the matching mixing system based on the type of product packaging so that the homogenous mixing of our impression materials can be warranted.

Dynamic Mixers

             Mixing tip


Here you will find a variety of supplementary impression supplies.

Impression appliances

Universal Mix Starter Block

Impression appliances

Universal Mix Starter Block